The Future of our World via Hemp / Cannabis


Greeting to you in this season of (desired) peace on earth and goodwill to all…

Wishing you the warmest and healthiest, heartfelt holidays from all of us at Hempington Post. It’s been a while since I’ve reached out and I want to thank each of you for being an email subscriber and caring about the future of our world, via Hemp / Cannabis.

As we move into this sacred season and the completion of 2021, may we all find time to share and make memories with the ones we love, give hope to the ones in need, and indulge in our own introspection for peace of mind and renewed hope. May we visualize a brighter 2022, a world in harmony, and freedom for all. May we remind ourselves, and each other, that we’ve come a long way and are resilient!

Cannabis is now legal throughout most of the USA and our world because of this exact resilient attitude: "I’m going to do it anyway." Cannabis is now a multi-billion dollar industry and it’s still in its infancy of being legal. This is excellent news and I’m still doing flips. Power to the people.

Then, there’s Hemp, the true game changer for life on so many levels — still limping along. However, the wise farmers and entrepreneurs are waking to the extreme benefits of the Hemp-Industrial-Complex.

The World is waiting for Hemp.
When big money wakes up and realizes Hemp’s extreme potential, the real gold rush and climate resuscitation will begin. Most of us who are reading this know the history of cannabis. We know that if this life-giving plant, cannabis/hemp, wasn’t made illegal back in the late 1930’s, life as we know it would not be choking on itself. The entire planet: the people, the land and the skies are screaming, "I can’t breathe."

We can no longer leave it up to the rulers of the land to make life-giving choices for us, as we’ve done in the past. Our farmers are being paid not to grow. Even though Hemp fiber could change the way we create plastic, paper, clothing, housing, insulation, roads, bridges, biofuel, supercapacitors and thousands of other readily sustainable Hemp products that are non-toxic to our world.

Why are Hemp entrepreneurs focused on CBD? Because greed, not vision, fogged their choice. The CBD market is already over. Please look to the future of the tall fiber plants to provide and nourish and heal our world.

If we want our future generations to see the light of day and live in a world worth living in, it's up to us to care, enforce new laws, and plant our future with Hemp. We can no longer wait to breathe!

With Warm Regards, Darlene Mea, CEO and Founder




Hemp advocate Amy Ansel says the Hemp plant — marijuana’s sober cousin — is poised to revolutionize numerous industries by replacing an enormous amount of toxic materials, and putting us on a path to a cleaner, more sustainable world.




I highly recommend cannabis for its many health benefits. It’s time to grow your own, juice the leaves, and cook with your cannabis. It’s one of the most powerful herbs on the planet and here to feed and repair our endocannabinoid system. 




Growing hemp offers excellent benefits to our environment. The Chemurgic principles of George Washington Carver and Henry Ford can stimulate the imagination: Anything made from a hydrocarbon can be made from a carbohydrate — “Grow our oil, don’t drill for it.”




There is no plan to plant farms with Hemp — that are paid not to grow. In fact, there’s no real plan to do anything about climate change right now except Geoengineering. The plan, with Bill Gates at the helm, is geoengineering, aka cooling our skies and polluting our soils while affecting the health of all life. Watch: The Dimming of our Planet.



Kissinger: “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.” US strategy deliberately destroyed family farming in the US and abroad and led to 95% of all grain reserves in the world being under the control of six multinational agribusiness corporations. 




Bill Gates, the largest private landowner in the US, is on the advisory board for both Geoengineering and the World Health Organization. Are we seeing a pattern here?




A Visionary Leader

Jack Herer sparked the way back to the legalization of the beneficial and versatile Cannabis plant. The story begind in 1973 when Herer took the advice of a friend, Captain Ed Adair, and began compiling information about Cannabis and its numerous benefits, including its industrial applications and as a drug. If you haven't seen this movie, click the link below for some Hemp Education 101: The Emperor Wears No Clothes. 



Moving the Hemp World Forward

In today's landscape we need new leaders and heroes who guide us toward sustainable health, food, environment and economic opportunity. Another Cannabis hero is the truly inspiring Paul Stanford of Cannabis Common. He has the longest running weekly show on Cannabis & Hemp and travels the world speaking at conferences, enlightening and connecting with others.



Plants are the Most Natural and Sustainable Way

A plant-based economy can replace the toxic oil and lead-based industrial complex that’s currently killing our world. Hemp, bamboo, and mushrooms are healthy for our planet, and are already producing miracles in packaging. Swedish company IKEA is one such example, with a commitment to using environmentally safe mushroom packaging.



Herbal Cannabis & Organic Chicken for the Soul

I will leave you with my mood-changing Chicken Soup for the Soul — the perfect holiday soup to soothe your soul! Cannabis is essential to our endocrine system which balances our immune system. This recipe is sure to melt your taste buds and soothe your soul. Anyone can do this with a crock pot, organic chicken, a few veggies, herbs and some fresh cannabis leaves.


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