Hemp Can Still be a Game Changer in These Changing Times.

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My Point of View — by Darlene Mea 

It’s been a challenging few months for all of us and we’re still in the midst of this insane mess. I’m sure I’m not alone amidst the chaos of multiple mixed messages we continue to receive. Life feels a little unstable, to say the least.

Hemp is the game changer we’ve been waiting for and one of the few viable, intelligent and sustainable options we have for so many things: wellness, the environment, industry, and economics. Why is no one talking about this? Does it make you wonder? There is no Green Deal that offers sustainable solutions for Greening the world. Even in Michael Moore's new documentary Planet of Humans we are still left with NO ONE addressing climate change. Hemp is never mentioned as a significant part of the solution. WHY? What's really going on?

As we know, many companies are being forced to close. Ironically, the Hemp industry is still struggling to get a grip on the multitude of markets in which it could thrive, once sensible, pro-industry regulations are put in place. In the meantime, our farmers need to grow. It’s time to create a mega hemp industry with all the wellness, environmental and economics benefits we so desperately need.

Hemp can be grown for fiber, houses, shoes, clothes, plastic, paper, biofuel, and so many more products — that can help bring our world back to balance. But that’s not happening either. Word on the street is that there is “no real money” in fiber, with no real incentive for farmers to grow. That’s just crazy and things need to change. This WEED needs to grow so that this golden locomotive can move forward at fullspeed. Everyone can win.

However, even if farmers want to grow, it seems the powers that be — who run and ruin our lives — have not figured out how to profit in this industry; so, they have frustrated it with bureaucracy and corruption, with no intented benefits for the people. It’s a STOP-GO-STOP industry right now, and still very much the wild west, yet we continue to look to big business and the pharmaceutical industry to help move us forward.

I’d like to be more optimistic, but at this point, after all I've seen, experienced, researched and heard, it feels like this market will continue to be a slow-grow. Because anything is possible, and because we have the tremendous progress in the cannabis industry behind us from the past 6 years, we will continue to focus on a future that will benefit us all. I will keep you posted.

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