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If I could tell you how many levels of life Hemp is affecting right now, you'd be doing flips like we are here at HempingtonPost. Against all the not-so-great news in our daily world, the relentless progess of Hemp gives us great possibilities for an eco-friendly future. Increasing numbers of farmers across the United States and  around the world are stepping into the world of Hemp. It really feels like a new gold rush! The best part? This Hemp rush will be golden for all concerned, and those on the side will still reap the benefits of a healthier world.

The following equation promises a life so bright you'll need to wear shades: CANNABIS = Cannabinoids, CANNABINOIDS = Wellness, FARMING = Environment and Industry, INDUSTRY = Economics. So, are you with us? Hemp is not going away anytime soon.

Yet, I do need to acknowledge the chaos around Federal Regulations and Hemp products, Hemp media and Hemp farming. This is why we continue to say, "Our voices matter, please find a way to become involved!" To reinstate Hemp back to the 100 percent legal status it enjoyed prior to being criminalized in 1937, 'We the People' need to stand together for our rights and keep our voices heard.

Please share this message with your circles of influence — there is no greater time to connect for a cause that benefits our world. Consider this: Hemp bio-fuel could replace the petrochemical industry, with Hemp paper, plastic wood, rubber and hempcrete already in existence. Hemp is happening!

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Business: Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg’s New Startup Quietly Unveils Their 100% Legal CBD Miracle Oil and Big Pharma is Furious.

The business icon and television star teamed up with a longtime friend, Snoop Dogg, who has been dealing with back pain for years and says CBD oil is the only thing that has improved his condition. Together, the power duo was determined to create something that would not only work effectively but would also be affordable for everyday Americans.


Fashion: Levi’s found a way to make Hemp feel like cotton…

With the legalization of hemp in the United States last December, the industry has exploded: Reports estimate it’ll be worth $13.03 billion by 2026. While you’ve probably noticed hemp-derived CBD products everywhere, hemp also has major implications for sustainable clothing — and denim icon Levi Strauss & Co. has made significant progress in making this happen.

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Education: The Hemp University Launches Online Hemp Cultivation Masterclasses.

The Hemp University, now in its 3rd year, is offering an online course that includes lectures from industry leaders — who educated those at the first Hemp University workshop in Ashland, Oregon. The online masterclasses caters to farmers who were unable to attend the first Hemp University or want to revisit topics presented by the event speakers.

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Wellness: CBD – One size does not fit all.

The benefits have been reported as off the charts and life-changing for many, and it’s wonderful to see and know. The testimonials are amazing: From extreme inflammation reduction to pain relief, lower blood pressure, relief from opiate and pharmaceutical addiction, and even reports of people coming off their thyroid medication and other harsh medications with side-effects that could (and sometimes do) kill us.

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Outdoor: Great Hemp Gear for Summer 

Kind Hemp Company understands the importance of establishing a healthy environment and a sustainable hemp economy in America and around the world. Their sustainable hemp clothing line is helping build a movement that inspires!

Clothing: Hemp Underwear

When I first heard about Hemp underwear by WAMA, my initial thought was to wonder how soft they could possibly be. Would I have panty lines —because, who wants those?  Also, could men love them too? We know how finicky they are. Well, now I know, Hemp is healthier to wear than cotton, and men love the support of the briefs! Some even say it’s like not wearing underwear at all!

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To stress again — Hemp is the industry of all industries — that can and will change our world beyond imagination. If you want to become more involved check us out on the social links above for daily updates.

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