Breakthroughs in the Essential Cannabis and Hemp Industries.

Never give up and never give in when it comes to our Human Rights.  

As we experience extreme insanity and breakdown in our country, and around the world, we also sense that there might be a "breakthrough in breakdown." So, let’s all try and stay focused on the breakthrough part.

Breakthroughs within the Cannabis and Hemp industries are an excellent point of focus. Over the past five years I’ve been deeply involved in the Hemp and Cannabis world, as Founder and CEO of HempingtonPost. I’ve learned much about the bureaucracy of this industry — so much seems to be commercialized, fantasized, synthesized and bastardized. All played out amidst the waves of building big business within the reemerging Cannabis Industry.

To experience this, has been disheartening, because this miracle plant is for the wellbeing, balance and sustainability of everyone. It’s not only the greed, and debates around the legalities and illegalities that continue to penalize those trying to move this industry forward. It's also clearly a breakdown of what could be a breakthrough.

It seems as if the Hemp industry has headed in a very limited direction, even though the CBD market is growing. For the consumer, it’s very confusing to decipher and determine which CBD is better for their particular ailment. Yet, it seems as if the CBD industry is heading to a doctor and pharmacy near you. For the farmer, growing according to agricultural department rules, the regulations have been disastrous. 

In the meantime, why is the focus not on Hemp for fiber? Paper, plastic, supercapacitors, graphene, clothing, housings, biofuel, oil remediation, ground clean ups, horse & cattle feeding and bedding are just some of Hemp's applications. The Hemp fiber industry could change everything, but it’s still being blocked by the usual suspects: the big boys of the petrochemical industries. How long should we adhere to this gestapo-type mindset, which has ruled much of our country?

We are currently experiencing what complacency does to a country — being completely controlled — and it will most likely get worse before it gets better. We must keep our focus on what’s important for holistic development — human rights — which includes the complete legalization of the essential cannabis plant. This is a critical product for helping save people, the environment and the economy.

Remember — we should question why we need to ask permission for our human rights. This needs to change, for both ourselves and generations to come!

Below are some of our best stories of the week, that illustrate the miracle of this ancient plant.


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