Cannabis is an Essential for Wellness in Our World.

The use of Cannabis has become more essential to millions of Americans since the coronavirus began.  “The recognition by our government officials that cannabis is indeed not just here to stay, but an essential part of life for millions of Americans—particularly in the patient community—is a welcome move in the right direction. It is also a move that could not have come at a better moment for those who still require access to maintain quality of life during these trying and troubled times." — Forbes Magazine

Indeed, it’s been one of the most challenging times in our history, and we’re still deep in the midst of this insane mess. Many of our lives have been turned upside down and inside out as we try and find our way to a better day. Six months have passed and we’ve now learned to live life each day as it comes, with no clue what the future holds. Life is a little insatiable to say the least, but the balance that cannabis brings to our system is relaxing and healthy! On another note, elections  are just around the corner with no real choices — very similar to four years ago.

I’d like you to consider this question: What’s most important to you in creating a future that’s healthy and sustainable for all?  Is our wellness, wellbeing, environment and economic future important?  Of course it is.  Do you know if your candidate of choice is pro-cannabis?  Do you think it’s important to have a political candidate who ensures we have a green and sustainable plan? Did you know that right now, we have none! There's no Green Deal that addresses the sustainable solutions for greening our world. Even in the new documentary Planet of Humans we are left with NO ONE addressing climate change. Yet, Hemp is never mentioned as a significant part of the solution.  WHY? What’s really going on? I know we’re all wondering the same, and many already know the answer.

Cannabis is a game-changer and the holy grail. It's the only viable and intelligent sustainable option we have, and for many reasons: Wellness, environment, industry, and economics. Why is no one talking about this? Does it make you wonder? If we could grow Hemp for fiber, houses, shoes, clothes, plastic, paper, biofuel, and so many other sustainable products to bring our world back to balance, why aren't we? I’m sure you know by now — it’s called big business, and the petrochemical and pharmaceutical industrial complex.

Things need to change and climate change isn't waiting for us to figure it all out. If we could just grow this WEED, aka the PLANT,  in 5 to 10 years we might just move from survival mode to thrive mode.

I’d like to be more optimistic, so I will be. My solution is this: Educate yourself, and take this extremely important time in human history to make a difference to our future.  It can be something small, whatever compels you. Share information with your sphere of influence, join the conversation, sign the petitions and VOTE for the Green candidates. It’s the power of numbers that will make the changes we all need. Do we know who that candidate is, NO, not yet, but when we do HempingtonPost let you know.


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