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In this decade of turbulent change, progress is really what matters. Beyond the political turmoil, Hemp is the renewed game-changing agent now escalating our world to new levels of sustainability, wellness, environment, and economics. We can eat it, wear it, work with it, build with it and heal from it. This makes Hemp the greatest gift of all and quite 'Golden' as we move into 2020 and beyond!

Despite the petrochemical, pharmaceutical and military industrial complex having ruled and governed our choices for decades, it's clear people are waking up and starting to take action. A whole new world is emerging. There are more natural options available, with Hemp/Cannabis being the leading natural option. Most of us are no longer willing to subscribe to old, industry remedies and the "it's just the way it is" belief system. Times are changing!

Over the last decade many strides have been made toward creating a world of healthy Hemp products and lifestyle alternatives, which are naturally sustainable and in the opposit direction of synthetic industries.

HempingtonPost has positioned itself to be an information purveyor and game-changing stimulator for the hemp and cannabis world. We do this by scanning the globe daily for new Hemp/Cannabis information, products and events, while vetting trusted sources. With all the convolution going on in this industry it's not always easy to provide that absoluteness. As we learn new information, we share it with you in the hope that you'll share it with your sphere of influence... and together we grow!

Each new awareness around the use of Hemp/Cannabis creates new pathways to a world of sustainability. From hemp underwear and outerwear, hemp socks, hemp homes, hemp horse-bedding and feed, hemp oil, plastics, paper, super-capacitors and biofuel. More than 1,000 other uses are possible — with the strongest fiber and highest plant protein on the planet. Whether your interest is wellness, environment or economics, now's the time to step into this incredibly rich, unfolding world of all-natural sustainability.

As we complete this decade, we can be thoroughly pleased with the progress we've made in regaining some of our human rights and freedoms. It seems most of our challenges stem from the energy hoarding sectors and corporations; mainly the petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries, that seem to make rules regardless of the effect on humanity.

THIS MUST CHANGE if we want our children's children,  to have a life! 

What I would like to add is this: As toxic as many parts of our reality are, we can bring gifts through the lighter side of life, and create the best forward motion we can. One day at a time — in integrity and unisence. Everyone must 'do something for the good of the whole.' There's no point in continuing to point out 'what isn't working.' The secret to change is to help create it.

Warmest Regards,
Darlene Mea 
Founder/CEO HempingtonPost

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