Cannabis is Essential, it's Nature's Pharmacy

Wow, what a long and chaotic year this has been! It's our hope at Hempington Post that you and your family are doing well and finding ways to survive and discover new, creative ways to thrive in this roller coaster climate. We also hope (through HempingtonPost and other sources) that you now realize that Hemp & Cannabis is ESSENTIAL for our future — as a plant medicine and ecological and economic solution. Cannabis is ESSENTIAL in Nature's Pharmacy. 

I say this because Cannabis is a food for our immune system and endocrine system, keeping our bodies stronger in a world full of viruses. I must mention that all of my cannabis friends have enjoyed good health during this time of Covid, and we can all attest to the benefits of Cannabis for our immune system. 

When we’re healthy, we make greater decisions for all life.
Recently I discovered an  extraordinary documentary on 'Gaia,' that highlighted the timeless and universal information on Cannabis — the original medicine. After viewing it, I knew why cannabis has been my only medicine my entire adult life. I highly encourage you to watch this and become even more informed with the power of this plant. I share because I truly care.


Watch the documentary HERE.


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FAQ: Full Spectrum Cannabis

As millions of Americans continue to open up to the many benefits of Cannabis, Medical Marijuana is showing it’s true colors. From this one amazing plant, people and animals of all shapes and sizes are experiencing greater wellness on many levels.

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