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One Moment Please...?!?

I personally want to share with you the most crucial reason we feel hemp is epically important right now — Climate Change! As Leonardo DiCaprio stated to the United Nations in 2014: "Hemp the World."  ... five years later, we're still fighting for our farmers to be able to growm. Hummm?

Please take a moment before you delve into the exploding developments of the Hemp World and listen to 15-year-old Swedish climate activist, Greta Thunberg, who addressed the United Nations in Katowice, Poland recentlywhere she condemns global inaction in the face of catastrophic climate change.

And then perhaps, educate yourself and help repair our world! After all, If you’re not sharing Hemp info with your friends, you might ask yourself, why not? We’re either part of the solution, or a mere spectator in the game of life. 

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In Growth & Action-filled regards,

Darlene Mea, Founder and CEO



Have you seen what’s happening  in the Hemp World over the past few weeks? It seems every few days there's new news sprouting up on the emergence of the HEMP industry. This just in from Forbes:

Industrial Hemp Is The Answer To Petrochemical Dependency

There is a naturally-occurring and increasingly-popular material that can be used to manufacture many of the same products we now make from petroleum-derived materials and you have undoubtedly already heard of it. That material is hemp.  

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Science: Cannabis Biofuel: is it a Feasible Solution?

Cannabis is a highly adaptable, fast-growing, annual plant that can be cultivated at most latitudes. In addition, cannabis is one of the few plants that produce high yields of both oil and biomass, which means it can be used to produce both biodiesel and bioethanol.


Farming: Staggering Growth Predicted for CBD Industry as Impact of Farm Bill Seen

Following the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD sales have continued their massive growth in the United States and beyond.

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Finance: Marijuana Banking Bill Approved by Congressional Committee

American Banking has finally risen to a new level for the cannabis world and the Marijuana Banking Bill has been approved by the Congressional Committee. A congressional committee voted on Thursday to approve legislation aimed at increasing marijuana businesses’ access to banks.

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Innovation: Hemp Supercapacitators Bring Green Tech to a Higher Level

Outperforming standard supercapacitors by up to 200 percent, hemp-based supercapacitors could be the future of green technology. One innovation scientists recently discovered? How to use hemp in supercapacitor electrodes. A supercapacitor is the lesser-known alternative to traditional electrical energy storage. Right now, a supercapacitor is the second-best option for storing power, after batteries. However, more research could change that. 

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Health: Walgreens to Sell CBD Products in 1,500 Stores

Walgreens will sell CBD creams, patches and sprays in nearly 1,500 stores in select states, the company told CNBC on Wednesday. The drugstore chain will sell the cannabis-based products in Oregon, Colorado, New Mexico, Kentucky, Tennessee, Vermont, South Carolina, Illinois and Indiana. Walgreens declined to specify which brands it would carry.

Clothing: Hemp Underwear

When I first heard about Hemp underwear by WAMA, my initial thought was to wonder how soft they could possibly be. Would I have panty lines —because, who wants those?  Also, could men love them too? We know how finicky they are. Well, now I know, Hemp is healthier to wear than cotton, and men love the support of the briefs! Some even say it’s like not wearing underwear at all!

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