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How is Hemp Changing The Game?

Greetings friends, hempsters, fellow life enthusiast and future Hemp Game Changers. It’s mid-February already and Hemp is leading the way as the new sustainable crop, reshaping our world. 

And here’s why! Every person on earth deserves healthy food, clean water, shelter and other sustainable amenities. But around the planet we are being aversely affected by the effects of toxicity in our water, air and food. It's ultimately affecting human life on earth. 

We can no longer stay uninvolved because of our ‘‘too busy to care’ lifestyle attitudes and expect mankind to survive. Collaboration is the name of the game, or as we like to say here at HempingtonPost "Together We Grow."

Take the first step in getting involved, forward this Hempington news brief to friends and family and change the game. Future generations are thanking you already! 

This Hemp Shift can empower the true foundation of the American economy, the family farmer, the huge industrial hemp production warehouses throughout America, creating new employment and economics for our country.

The emergence for all things Hemp will change reality as we know it. Hemp & Cannabis are highly sustainable solutions for economics, the environment and wellness. The excellent news is that it’s already happening!

Finally, big money is seeing the massive opportunities with non-FDA Hemp production and quickly jumping on the Hemp/Cannabis bandwagon with Hemp plastics, Hemp bio-fuel and Hemp buildings already increasing in America.

Stay tuned to HempingtonPost while we keep our hands and hearts on the pulse of the world of Hemp around the world. Hemp is the new frontier, engaging in this industry can only benefit and brighten the future for all of us. Together We Grow! 

YOU ARE IMPORTANT - If you have questions, comments or suggestions please speak up, everyone matters. If you have a news story, Hemp blog or Hemp product you’d like to share, please reach out to me at: Darlene@HempingtonPost.com

Until our next time I hope you can see why it’s super important that we all become a part of an environmentmental solution in some way! Sharing is Caring!

Warm & hope-filled regards,
Together We Grow, let's do this!

Darlene Mea, Founder and CEO


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Hemp The Fu-king World!

"I have said for a long time now that Hemp is the Medical Cannabis for Earth," states Leonardo DiCaprio, who is a United Nations “Messenger of Peace” for climate change. "It alarms me that climate activists aren’t jumping on the Hemp Train as a viable solution for cutting down our carbon emissions, stopping deforestation and creating environmentally sound industry that could reverse the damage we have already done," he says. Here’s a preview of what hemp can achieve if we simply allowed it be utilized to its full potential. Hemp Is Like Medical Marijuana For The Earth!


We Are Now Part of The International Hemp Environmental Forum (IHEF) 

Now in it third year, IHEF has 85 members from 27 countries and held the “1st International Hemp Environmental Forum” aka “Kyoto Hemp Forum”  in 2016, around the development of hemp and environmental issues

The video summary of this forum is less than 10 minutes long and talks about how Hemp is revered throughout the world. Some say, the "world should unite by growing cannabis on all soils." Watch this video to broaden your horizons and deepen your appreciation for this life-giving plant which has been growing on our planet for eons!


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