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What in The World of Hemp is Going on?

What in the world of Hemp is going on? Everything, it’s an ever-changing landscape. Just when we celebrated the fact that Hemp became legal on a Federal Level, who would have guessed that the DEA and the DFA would come out in full force to close down and arrest hemp businesses around the new regulations which came into effect! The floor seems to be opening for big pharma-type companies to eventually synthesize our seeds so they never grow above .03% THC.  It’s crazy and not necessarily what would be most natural, but regulated for sure. We'll keep you posted on how this develops and what we can do to change that outcome. 

On the industrial side, companies like HempPlastic.com have begun hemp production here in the US, and Canopy Growth earlier announced a $100-150 million investment in a hemp processing operation in New York. All they need now is plenty of support from Hemp farmers to meet  supply and demand. No doubt this industry is just beginning to surface in big ways. Our focus at HempintonPost: Farmers grow and all else will fall in place.

We have decided to accept financial contributions from our supporters as we continue to grow. Your contributions will help us stay connected to the heartbeat of the global hemp industry. We are dedicated to bringing you the most accurate and current hemp news from our home country and around the world, which will eventually affect us all. HempingtonPost wants to raise awareness and promote connection around the common goal of bringing our world back to sustainability. This is the only way to move forward. Together We Grow! If you have a news story, Hemp blog or Hemp product you’d like to share, please reach out to me at: Darlene@HempingtonPost.com

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Environment: U.S. Jumps to No. 3 Among Top Hemp Growing Nations.

The USA has jumped into the top ranking of global hemp-growing nations, recording a three-fold increase of land under hemp – reaching a total of 78,176 acres (about 31,000 hectares) in 2018, according to the American hemp advocacy group Vote Hemp.


Wellness: Latest Projections See Hemp CBD Markets Soaring Through 2022 And Beyond

The Brightfield Group has gotten quite a lot of ink lately for their projections that the hemp derived CBD market will outpace the “Rest of the cannabis market COMBINED.”

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Economics: Hawaii, The Hemp Capital of The World?

In the evolution of HEMP’ing the World, Hawaii is leading the way by creating Hemp Farming and Industry! For eight years, the Hawaii Farmers Union United Convention has been a key knowledge bank for farmers from Australia to Singapore and Kenya to Britain. Now, hemp and cannabis are working into the model. Doug Fine visited the mountainous farm country of Maui, Hawaii, and brings us this report about the role hemp and cannabis play in that vital playbook of humanity’s future.

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Hemp For Victory 1942.

Before 1989, this film was relatively unknown. The United States government later even denied having made it at all.

Hemp Products 'Made in America.'

Check out and support these 'Made in America' Hemp Products. Our selection is just beginning to grow, now that they're legal on a Federal level. 

Hemp Farms in Texas?

Kris Taylor was accepted into medical school. But instead of becoming a doctor, the Texan moved to California to pursue something he was really passionate about. Hemp.

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