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“To understand the world of Hemp is to know we have the complete ability to create a sustainable future now, for all,” states Darlene Mea, Founder and CEO of HempingtonPost.com. “When we understand the history of Hemp and Cannabis, we understand why it’s important to get involved and change this insane game we’ve been ‘sold.’ We encourage you to become a part of the hemp game changers so we can change this story, while we can. Become a part of the Together We Grow Evolution!

HempingtonPost is here to connect and inform the world of ‘what’s happening’ in the HEMP Cannabis industry – which is a lot. Now that the big hurdle of Hemp becoming legal on a Federal level is accomplished, the Hemp industry is emerging exponentially with businesses, products, building, events and even Cannabis Nurses using this miracle ‘plant’ to change our world.

It’s time for anyone with their eyes open and and ability to become informed, to share ‘the truth’ about the incredible benefits of Cannabis and how Hemp can change our world back to sustainability with environment, economics and wellness!

Hemp, aka Cannabis, has been growing as a ‘miracle plant’ on our planet for over 12,000. It has over 20,000 uses, including hemp paper, fiber, biofuel, hemp-crete, hemp food, hemp protein, plastic, rope (of course), hemp clothing, shoes, airplanes, cars and thousands of other products. Hemp also produces CBD’s, like Marijuana (but without the THC) for a wide variety of medicinal uses and cures! How exciting it is to finally have all these natural healthy choices.

One more very important message – Do you know we have an endocannabinoid system?  Who knew, right?! This extremely important information has been kept from us. Why? Because we have an endocannabinoid system with receptors throughout our body for ‘cannabis’ to stabilize our endocrine system and regulate our immune system. Cannabis is the key word here – because it’s been illegal the information has been kept secret all these years. (find our more about our endocannabinoid system). We have a very sick society today partly due to this.

Many of our Human Rights have been highly challenged. We are living in a time that seems obvious (to many), either ‘we the people’ take a stand and take back our ‘human rights’ or give them up forever to corporate America – we can no longer sit back and let things happen ‘to us’.

HempingtonPost is committed to bringing ‘current’ national and international news and education on this ever changing Cannabis world. HempingtonPost reaches out to  global media partners to gather and curate trusted news stories. Politically, HempingtonPost continues to connect with politicians who know and ‘see’ the greater future of Cannabis across the board and know that it’s a game changing industry. Many say it could be a trillion dollar industry within the next five years or less!

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Discover the World of All Things Hemp

Imagine how our country could look with farmers farming Hemp for industrial products, with ‘Made in America’ proudly stamped on them. Or our medicine being more natural without all the deadly side-effects. Imagine our veterans, our seniors, our homeless, our children, and all the people of this country being cared for ‘like our life depended on it’. Imagine the United States of America being governed by a governance that’s for the ‘people’ and not for the ‘corporations’.

Imagine how ‘we’ can stand together and make these changes happen!

When you join us with a subscription or membership you are joining others with the same cause – our human rights! We appreciate your support and donations which truly help all things move forward.

***We are open to Journalist and bloggers submitting stories around this progressive industry.

We are open to your comments and suggestions.

HempingtonPost is here today to help change the future of tomorrow!

Connecting is our Name and ‘Together We Grow’ is Our Game!

CEO / Founder, Darlene Mea

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