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Superhero/Savior of Humanity

The articles range from poetry by Native American activist John Trudell to an interview with David Bronner and Will Allen as they reminisce over being arrested for protesting in front of the DEA offices against the fact that industrial hemp is still considered to be a Schedule I substance. 

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THE 6 ADVANTAGES OF CANNAKA We at HempingtonPost are excited to post this excerpt from our first TRUSTED HEMP PRODUCT, Made here in America - Here's what the Strouse Family has to say about HEMP's amazing healing qualities!  We are loving their product line! This...

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Why Hemp Could Be The Future Of Plastics The world of #Hemp is emerging faster then we can stay up with, and we've only just begun.  It's definitely strange that hemp is safe and legal in some countries and not in others.  In the United States, we import over 1/2...

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Our Bodies have an Endocannabinoid System

WHAT IS THE ENDOCANNABINOID SYSTEM AND WHAT IS ITS ROLE? One of the most amazing factors around Cannabis if the fact all bodies, humans and animals have an endocannbinoid system.  Socking to know this has been kept a secrete for our entire life.  Who knew we have...

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Affordable Hemp Water Filters Hope To Change The World

Clean, healthy water is the essence of prosperity in every society. Yet, as we’ve seen from recent crises such as the one in Flint, Michigan, access to clean water continues to be a challenge even in a developed country like the United States. But what if there was a...

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Cannabis + Cancer = CURE?

Can Cannabis Cure Cancer? Is Western Medicine and Big Pharma killing Americans? This is a question not a statement.  Reports from around the world continue to point to the Cannabis Plant as having the healing properties and the food our body requires to heal it self....

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Move Over Cotton, Say Hello To Hemp

The ‘Forbidden’ Crop Taking The World By Storm… For those of us already in this industry we could not be more delighted to see these kinds of headlines - Hemp is emerging and it's not going away!!! If domestic hemp use and cultivation were practiced and encouraged, we...

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