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Hemp the Superfood

Even though many are moving toward CBD for its health benefits, the market is still crazy and confusing. Perhaps it's time we all take a closer look at Hemp protein and Hemp seeds as the superfoods that they are. Discover the easy and logical way to give our body more...

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Can I give my child CBD is the continuous question we get from many concerned parents and I continue to say YES! We each have an endocannabinoid system built into our body, this system balances our endocrine system.  Cannabinoids are more than medicine to bring us...

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Hemp vs Cotton: Take a closer look!

 Although hemp has many practical uses, let’s focus on one that would affect us every day; clothing. For this, we will compare hemp vs cotton, as cotton is a very popular resource used in clothing production. Water Cotton: To grow cotton you require about 1400 gallons...

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Organic hemp clothing

Promotes a healthy inflammatory response and supports the central nervous system.

Combines Nano-Enhanced technology with a sustainable, naturally grown hemp oil.

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