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HOW AND WHY YOUR BRAIN MAKES ITS OWN CANNABINOIDS The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) -by Anne Marie, HempEdification   As you probably already know, unlike water, alcohol and many top-selling pharmaceuticals, it’s impossible to overdose on Cannabis. What you might...

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CBD and Our Endocrine System

Lately, many people have shared with me how completely exhausted they are for no reason.  Many have shared that their doctors say. their endocrine system is out of balance, not working properly and even shut down.  This is very concerning since I know our...

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THE 6 ADVANTAGES OF CANNAKA We at HempingtonPost are excited to post this excerpt from our first TRUSTED HEMP PRODUCT, Made here in America - Here's what the Strouse Family has to say about HEMP's amazing healing qualities!  We are loving their product line! This...

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Our Bodies have an Endocannabinoid System

WHAT IS THE ENDOCANNABINOID SYSTEM AND WHAT IS ITS ROLE? One of the most amazing factors around Cannabis if the fact all bodies, humans and animals have an endocannbinoid system.  Socking to know this has been kept a secrete for our entire life.  Who knew we have...

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Affordable Hemp Water Filters Hope To Change The World

Clean, healthy water is the essence of prosperity in every society. Yet, as we’ve seen from recent crises such as the one in Flint, Michigan, access to clean water continues to be a challenge even in a developed country like the United States. But what if there was a...

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Cannabis + Cancer = CURE?

Can Cannabis Cure Cancer? Is Western Medicine and Big Pharma killing Americans? This is a question not a statement.  Reports from around the world continue to point to the Cannabis Plant as having the healing properties and the food our body requires to heal it self....

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7 “Need To Knows” About Hemp Powerhouse Health Foods

 7 “Need To Knows” About Hemp Powerhouse Health Foods By Corinne Malanca Hemp is a nutritional powerhouse.   A single serving of this superfood supplies the body with fiber, magnesium, essential fatty acids, phosphorus, calcium, protein, and much more.   In fact, hemp...

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Hemp Seed: The Most Nutritionally Complete Food Source

Learning about the powerful ingredients of Hemp and what it provides as a high fiber, the powerpacked source of food, we continue to discover how Hemp has something for everybody thttp://reset.me/story/hemp-seed-the-most-nutritionally-complete-food-source. Hemp, or...

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