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Centuries old, hemp grows in popularity for home building

The Cover photo from Harmless Home of hempcrete blocks for a home project in British Columbia. The woody fibers of the cannabis plant — it grows from seed to harvest in about four months — when mixed with lime produces a natural, light concrete that retains thermal...

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Superhero/Savior of Humanity

The articles range from poetry by Native American activist John Trudell to an interview with David Bronner and Will Allen as they reminisce over being arrested for protesting in front of the DEA offices against the fact that industrial hemp is still considered to be a Schedule I substance. 

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Why HEMP can save humankind: Research scientist speaks out…

Why the world's most useful plant is illegal? It's all about corporate greed and government-control of the population. Hemp - one of the world's most useful plants - has been used to create fuel, paper, clothing, food and natural medicine. So why has the United States...

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Why Hemp Could Be The Future Of Plastics The world of #Hemp is emerging faster then we can stay up with, and we've only just begun.  It's definitely strange that hemp is safe and legal in some countries and not in others.  In the United States, we import over 1/2...

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Move Over Cotton, Say Hello To Hemp

The ‘Forbidden’ Crop Taking The World By Storm… For those of us already in this industry we could not be more delighted to see these kinds of headlines - Hemp is emerging and it's not going away!!! If domestic hemp use and cultivation were practiced and encouraged, we...

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Hemp, Cannabis and Marijuana: What’s the Difference?

After attending Hemp Fest this weekend in Las Vegas, I was very frustrated that Marijuana is being portrayed as Hemp. With all the confusion going on in this Cannabis industry, I would think 'those who are in it,' would do their best to be accurate with 'what is', so...

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