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I’m very excited to taste this new MA Tea CBD+ botanical iced teas supplied to HempgintonPostfor review by

I’m trying the RELAX MA Tea first because it’s been a long week and I still have this review to review and write for you.  I’m thinking relaxing while I’m writing would be a great way to flow with this.  

On first taste my mouth says, oooooh yes! I taste the lavender and herbal blend of chamomile, lemon balm, passionflower, and elderflower, it’s refreshing to my taste buds while providing a cool calm feeling as it flows down my throat into my body.  The second swallow follows the same feeling, delish it says, and I wonder, will I be drinking this entire bottle in one setting to feel the relaxation this is to provide?

Another delicious swallow…yummm I’m feeling the chilin, and relaxing into this…Now about MA’TEA… The MA story is printed on every label: Legend has it, in 2737 B.C., Emperor Shennong of China discovered tea. He created his Má formula by steeping tea and mixing cannabis hemp, medicinal botanicals and herbs to make his ancient brew. Throughout Shennong’s life, he researched and recorded the benefits of these

medicinal herbs, the foundation for Traditional Chinese Medicine.

It’s his knowledge of health and wellness that we share in every bottle

of our Má CBD+ botanical iced teas.

This RELAX MA tea is a brewed BaiMudan Herbal Elixir, Lavender Berry Chill, with white tea and calming botanicals of lavender, chamomile, lemon balm, passionflower, and elderflower. Who couldn’t love this just by these first ingredients. 

Of course, it can’t have sugar or caffeine for relaxation so MA RELAX is naturally sweetened and caffeine free.   What’s making this drink even more special is that each bottle contains 15mg of CBD. 

Now the fourth swallow, and I’ve tasted lees then ¼ of the drink. I must tell you, I do love the taste, especially with the lavender. I am feeling more relaxed, maybe that’s  the CBD. I do want to drink the whole bottle just to give some real ‘feeling’ feedback, but less than half way through, I’m real goooood!

Here’s what’s in RELAX with Lavender Berry Chill

Kick back and enjoy our blueberry infused Bai Mudan, caffeine-free white tea. An ideal formula to relax any time of day or night.

  • 15mg CBD Hemp
  • 10 Calories
  • Naturally Sweetened
  • Nothing Artifical
  • 0 Sugar
  • 0 THC

15mgs of CBD – According to Medical Marijuana Inc  CBD is not Intoxicating and this dosage can relax us a bit!  

You may have heard of CBD oil products that are federally legal and asked yourself, Is CBD intoxicating? The easy answer is NO. CBD alone cannot cause euphoric effects, regardless of the size of your CBD servings.

Time for another drink…Now I would imagine if I were in warmer temperatures than Portland Or today where the high today is 37, I may be drinking this chilled beverage a little faster.  

Half way through this bottle I’m feeling some tension relief in my shoulders as I’m finding more information on this product.  

Shennong Beverage Company is raising the bar with next generation, plant-based beverages by infusing each Má Iced Tea with CBD+ natural botanicals. CBD+ not only harnesses the functional benefits of zero-THC Hemp CBD but elevates those benefits by combining it with nearly 20 different herbs and spices inspired by the original Má brews of Emperor Shennong. Shennong used his brews to treat a variety of conditions and later became known as the Father of Chinese Herbal Medicine.

We had received a variety pack of 3 bottles

It appears if you live on the east coast you’re in luck, MA Tea can be found in most of The Vitamin Shoppe. Otherwise you can order online. MA’Teas are focused on getting this brand  into as many natural outlets across the US as possible – 

if you have an interest in becoming a distributor, be sure and reach out to Amy Rudgard [email protected].  For more info and to order direct to your door go to

(12 Drinks)  $49.99

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