Cannabis has finally been recognized as ‘essential’. Growing Cannabis, regardless of THC content, must be encouraged now. Raising THC limits on industrial hemp, federally recognized “strategic resource” is this nation’s first priority. Cannabis stalk processing infrastructure has to be financed with some of the money allocated to the COVID bail-out.

This must happen immediately, before the hemp seed hits the ground. Spring planting season 2020 finds the world writhing in the grip of a global pandemic, in my opinion, caused by terpene deficiencies in Earth’s atmosphere, compared with concentrations of aerosol terpenes seventy years ago. It did not have to go this way. It is truly shameful how far my generation has allowed blatant attacks on democracy & the Rule of Law to advance. Our children will suffer the worst of what we’ve created, unless we act now.The ‘good news’ is, there is something we can do about the systemic dysfunction that afflicts our collective, extinctionistic trajectory: We must demand that government eliminate the THC limits on industrial hemp.

There is nothing about THC that is more dangerous than UV-B radiation. There is nothing more dangerous about THC than there is about COVID virus and other biopathogens circulating throughout Earth’s hydrologic cycle. If THC levels are eliminated in time, America could recover social balance in time to eject a traitorous, pseudo-president from office.Extremes of death, illness despair and sadness swirl around the planet. Fear is as epidemic a the virus itself. People are vibrating at fevered pitch, audible in the quivering voices of news anchors, forced to recite escalating casualty figures & dire warnings, day in & day out.

The FACT that Cannabis produces sustainable biofuels AND complete nutrition, FROM THE SAME HARVEST, ought to ring a bell for anyone who understands the need to grow energy without inducing food insecurity & malnutrition. Cannabis is unique in that. And essential. Funny that, in the midst of a pandemic, marijuana dispensaries have been deemed “essential” businesses here in Oregon. I’ve been writing it for so long, I’d given up hoping that anyone would ever recognize the truth In it. There’s much more to it though. When people realize the fuel potential in Cannabis, by investing in hemp as a biofuels feedstock for making cellulosic hydrogen, electricity & supercapacitors, fossil fuels stocks will plummet over-night.

That’s why there’s so much intentional dysfunction. The longer people are distracted by cognitive dissonance, the more fossil fuels we consume. As soon as we recognize the true essential value of Cannabis, we can begin to evolve toward agricultural abundance supplying Gaiatherapeutic industry. Cannabis agriculture connects the healing of Earth’s atmosphere to our energy consumption. Energy production is the driving force of human economics, but it doesn’t have to be harmful to the Natural Order.

If we make energy from an organic, non-GMO plant, that heals Earth’s atmosphere, water & soil, then consumption becomes healthy for people, animals, and the Earth itself. People have to decide whether they are more worried about THC or global extinction. Those are the choices. Unless we plant hemp everywhere we can this Spring, to produce fuel, food, fiber, & herbal therapeutics, then the chaos that ensues will, at some point, become irreversible, if it is not already. We have to assume it’s not too late to recover balance, in full understanding that time is the limiting factor in the equation of survival.

Our window of opportunity is closing at an accelerating rate. Cannabis agriculture is mankind’s functional interface with the Earth’s Natural Order. The sooner we recognize that, the better our children’s chances will be for a livable future. 

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