Ever been pushed to your limits and know you have to push a little further to get back to wellness, and, it’s all on you?  Yep, life happens to all of us, from injuries to illnesses, we get to deal with the shift in our realities and how we do this determines the next part of our wellness future! Thank goodness we can care for our own health via CBD!

I’m an off-road runner, been running for years, with my dog Miles. Now that I live in the great Pacific Northwest we’ve found some amazing forest trails.  Well, they also have rocks and holes and tree roots and things not always totally visible when you’re flying only inches off the ground. Before I knew it, in an instant, life happened and I was on the ground, down with my twisted ankle, deep in the forest. I still had to get back down the hill to my car and home, and oooh my, I had a ways to go. So I went to my super mind-over-matter self and got down the hill. Probably not so great for my newly twisted ankle, it began to swell!

As I returned home, I was thrilled at the timing of my receipt of REVIVE Products, it couldn’t have been more perfect!  I’m super grateful the CBD world exists because it can make life better without a physician. CBD is amazing to reduce pain, inflammation and the repairing process of our endocrine system because it feeds our endocannabinoid system receptors.  I’m naturally pretty healthy, so I’ve had no reason to take any CBD, except for the overall revitalization of my endocrine system, which is huge! I am dedicated to taking CBD every day for the rest of my life, it’s food, it’s life changing!

Many of us know about CBD oils and are now experiencing so many Hemp CBD/Oils on the market it’s become confusing to choose one from another.  This is why we’re happy at HempingtonPost to have Hemp Product Reviews. If we’re not happy with the product we’re not sharing it with you, it’s that simple.

A little side note here, I do not support or participate in Western Medicine, haven’t for years and never intend to.  Therefore, heal thy self is big in my world. So, not only do I use natural ways of keeping myself well. I also know our mindset (placebo) which acts as an inner directive, participates in our healing process…That’s big too!

I propped my foot up as it was swelling, put some ice patches on it and took the WELLNESS Powder to reduce the inflammation, the pain and heal my ankle. After all as a runner every day, healing must happen asap.  So foot elevated, ice strips on the ankle, CBD WELLNESS POWDER and some Tumeric/Coconut Oil mix, which we always have on hand, for wellness and to a reduction of inflammation throughout the body.  

Within 36 hours I was back running.  My foot 90% back, like brand new.

What I love about the WELLNESS POWDER is, I felt little to no pain, I was relaxed with the situation, the swelling never got out of control and my healing process seemed super fast. It’s been a week today and my foot is 1005 back to normal.

If you don’t know what CBD line to choose, know there are many with various delivery systems.  HempingtonPost has tried and approved of a few excellent CBD lines which you can find at US HEMP MARKETPLACE.

REVIVE CBD Product line has many delivery systems, from WELLNESS POWDER and DREAM POWDER to GUMMIES and INFUSED MANGOS.

REVIVE WELLNESS: Revive Now Wellness Powder by Chill Powder makes any food or drink even better. Simply mix with your favorite foods or beverages to reduce pain, inflammation, stress and anxiety while improving concentration and overall mood.

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Let us know what you think!

With Healthy Regards

Darlene Mea

CEO HempingtonPost.com



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