One of the greatest aspects of being in Hemp communications with HempingtonPost is discovering the vast and incredible ways Hemp is being created and used throughout our country and our world.  Going to emerging Hemp Events around the country and world is inspirationally educational because Hemp is an epic industry that is changing worlds. I truly love it, it gives me great hope for our future, natures sustainability is coming into full bloom with Cannabis/Hemp. Awe-ho!

We at HempingtonPost are on a continuous quest to discover the coolest hemp products Made in America. It’s also extremely important to support our hemp farmers, product makers and those who are bringing awareness and getting laws changed. Our mission at Hempington Post is, We are Game Changers…Together We Grow. 

The 3rd Annual Cultivation Classic – Portland Or.

The 3rd Annual Cultivation Classic felt like a hemp gold rush, especially for the wellness industry with CBD becoming ‘the best thing ever’ overnight. What everyone is also discovering is Hemp can be used for a multitude of things, excellent body & hair care, rich in protein, high in omega, food for every occasion, from CBD KAMBUCHA to hemp candles, clothing, sunglasses and the list continues to shoes, homes, bridges, animal feed & bedding, anything plastic, paper and yes biofuel. 

We love attending events and meeting the owners and developers of some of these emerging Hemp products. When we find Hemp products that are organic, fair trade, made with vegan options and of the highest quality we are beyond excited to share these!.

Recently while attending the 3rd Annual Cultivation Classic here in Portland, Or, we found it to be most informative!  To our surprise (kindof) we met an array of people from all demographics who were fully immersed in what’s fresh and natural, which was excellent for the amazing and engaged Hemp exhibitors. These product makers/exhibitors seem soul dedicated to what Hemp can do for the world. Many of these Hemp previvors have left their corporate worlds in pursuit of their passion, making a great impact with their Hemp creations. 


A BUD for every reason!?!?

This event had a regenerative approach, paired with public education and plant awareness!

Some of the awesome Hemp Exhibitors we had the honor meeting along the way at the Cultivation Classic. Hello Greater Chocolates (best hemp Chocolates), Make&Mary (amazing face serums, hemp inhalers, candles and more) Danodan Hemp CBD’s, GT’s Kombucha (delicious), Pixis Labs for Hemp & Cannabis testing. 

The event was filled with Cannabis Enthusiasts! 


More to come on these Hemp’sters soon on

Hopefully, they’ll be in our marketplace.

The Cultivation Classic also had some amazing presenters- check out the link for your self! 

So, it was an action-packed, super informative weekend event. I am suggesting the next time you hear there’s a HEMP EVENT happening nearby you might want to ‘put that on your calendar for sure’. It will tantalize your mind with the super healthy information and a taste that is changing our reality forever.

From my perspective

Darlene Mea – CEO/FOUNDER


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