In 2018, I plunged down the rabbit hole of Industrial Hemp and have since worked in the Southern Oregon region promoting education, networking and business development for the Hemp & Cannabis Community.

As this crop’s journey from contraband to commodity unfolds, we’ve been given even more reasons to be enthusiastic about its future.  CBD sales are surging worldwide amid the COVID-19 pandemic as people grasp for better ways to manage stress.  Oregon data showed average dispensary purchases increased by 40% in the thick of the lockdown here, with close to $100 million in sales for the month of April.

That means tax dollars pouring into state coffers during a time when other business sectors are suffering amid closures and slow re-openings.  We are living through a time when pivoting is necessary to survival and growth, and if we can accelerate our best practice development as an industry, COVID-19 may just be the window of opportunity we needed.

Since the beginning of my work in hemp education, I’ve seen that it does take a village to come together and carry forward the promise of this powerful plant.  During the time I produced the Hemp University series at Southern Oregon University, I had the honor of curating our region’s best minds and talents to share their expertise with the wider national and international hemp community.

When COVID hit, I pivoted just like everyone else and shifted my activities online with the production of the Hemp Symposium Due Diligence Series.  Starting in May, we featured Farmer Tom Lauerman of Farmer Tom Organics and Damian Moran of the Amota Group/Hemp Exchange giving a pre-planting overview to participants from all over the world. 

In partnership with UPLVL and Hempington Post, we’ll be offering another edition on Friday, July 10, from 1-3 PM.  Focusing on “Mid-Season Strategies”-Integrated Pest and Nutrient Management and Pollen/Sexing,  the free webinar will present the wisdom of two Oregonian hemp veterans, Emily Gogol of Infinite Tree and Eviane Ita-Coton of Ebb and Flow Farms.

Participants will have the opportunity to take a brief assessment over the symposium topics on the UPLVL Cannabis Learning Platform and earn a micro-certificate in Mid-Season Due Diligence.

So, come join the village on july 10 as we continue to work together and position this crop for the destiny we all know it has – as a sustainable commodity with the power to bring us the food, fuel, fiber and medicine for a New Era.

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