Most reading this article may agree by now, the Cannabis Industry could be ‘the answer’ for planetary wellness, environmental enhancement and economic freedom.

ThinkingOutLoud… Darlene Mea CEO/Founder 

‘At some point our political leaders, big brother, the petrochemical industrial complex and all the others takers of this planet will get the point: No Planet = No Profit! ‘

Our world is at the tipping point of complete chaos, depletion and extinction of everything real and meaningful. We are still using and promoting a petrochemical synthetic world with the notion that tomorrow will continue to thrive if we stay on this trajectory… and not one candidate addresses this most important primary issue. 

No one is talking about what we’re actually going to do to improve the environment, climate change, economics and wellness for all people. Who’s talking about: A WORLD BEYOND PETROLEUM?…No one!!! Cannabis has been around for eons and 12,000 of recorded history, yet no one is talking about the power of it’s epic reemergence and why it leads to sustainable living! The simplicity of an agricultural revolution to supplant petroleum is at the fingertips of multinational corporations. 

Already the marijuana industry is bringing in billions. The global market for medicinal cannabis was worth approximately $11 billion in 2015, and is expected to reach $56 billion by 2025, according to market research firm Grand View Research. Yet the growers and dispensaries are still at the risk of being an all cash business with no banking privileges because Marijuana, even though legal, is still federally categorized as a Schedule 1 drug, which makes it illegal and incompatible with all Federal systems. 

Cannabis/Marijuana has proven to be amazing medicine for thousands of years. Did you know the U.S. government with the National Institution of Health, NIH has funded Mechoulam research for the past 50 years​to Israel. The National Institute of Health has provided an average of $100,000 a year to study the medicinal benefits of cannabis. 

While our government has been giving life sentences Marijuana possession, it is giving money to Israel to study the benefits of the plant. it’s crazy and wrong…Even now with all it’s healing properties, marijuana/cannabis is still shunned by many states due to belief in old propaganda created for and from the petrochemical industrial complex. 

The history of cannabis is convoluted. I encourage you to read Doug Fine’s Hemp Bound, or to see Jack Herer’s The Emperor Wears No Clothes and Hemp for Victory, You will see the ban of this plant was never about marijuana. The ‘Cannabis take away’ was about the massive industrial use of hemp when the decorticator was introduced in America, 1937, Popular Mechanics Magazine! They called it then the Next Billion Crop. That’s when it all changed! – it’s fascinating and aggravating how legality was manipulated by powerful business entities. This intervention for profit is in effect today. 

Now after 77 years, as stated in the ‘TAX LAW of 1937’, cannabis comes back for reinstatement. In 2014 the New Farm Bill was signed by President Obama, and the Cannabis Plant was now up for study? However, it has been studied for centuries. 

Hemp is already the environmental, economics and wellness answer; it has no bad side effects. Yes, for the FDA, food and drug, CBD, skin care, superfoods can be kept with the thc low and keep it regulated for the assurance of all who still fear the plant. But why destroy a farmers ‘hot crop’, over 0.3% thc? Any ‘hot crop’ could become a hemp home, plastic, hemp wood, paper, shoes, graphite, biofuel, why destroy it. 

Because our country has become a corporate run state, it would be natural for a petrochemical mogul to take over massive hemp production and the secondary creation of industrial processing required to form a viable industry. According to this model, the Hemp economy will come into fruition when petrochemical products become increasingly less profitable. Ideally, they can turn their energies on bringing US back to a life-sustaining world again. 

Please take the credit and make the big bucks. This may be our only hope for the future. Currently the hemp growers are focused on the medical model, as they cross their fingers and hope that the secondary terpenes are isolated and popularized so they can make their hard work pay off. 

Our planet can no longer sustain balance. We call upon a petrochemical giant to pull us forward with profiteering visions of Hemp Industry domination. We invite that. Please save us from our undercapitalized efforts to transform a wonderful beneficial plant into a panoply of life giving products and effects. Please step up and grab hold of the Hemp Industry with corporate zeal. Let the world benefit from your greed for profits. The time is now, please. 

FREE THE PLANT. Insist on THC limit changes for our upcoming 2020 election. Let our farmers grow, grow and grow. We have no more time to study this ancient miracle plant ! 

Get involved – write or call your elected officials and tell them, You will have our Vote only if you publically strongly support making Cannabis Legal. With this we can green our world and turn life around for all. 

Join us at where our mission is ‘We the People insist on our human rights…Together We Grow! We all know by now, Big Business is about profit, but with our world in serious disserey we say, NO PLANET, NO PROFIT! 

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