‘The Marijuana News Reform in Congress could be the answer to so many challenges we’re all facing in this country and around the world.  Once Cannabis is completely legal to grow, consume, buy and sell across all borders, the landscape of our world could change for the extreme positive; environmentally, economically and through whole health wellness of course.  Set the plant free and let our farmers grow!’ It’s time to push had on your congressperson! comments Darlene Mea CEO of HempingtonPost

From MMJ DAILY  Jan 24, 2019

The U.S. Congress always has been slow to act, but that’s been especially true for marijuana reform, which has been a stigmatized issue for decades.

As a result, cannabis companies have been waiting and hoping for years that Congress will take action to guarantee banking access to law-abiding marijuana businesses and ease the excessive tax burden from 280E.

Those hopes may actually be realized in 2019.

One of the biggest reasons for encouragement is a bill that many cannabis advocates believe could end up on President Trump’s desk:

the States Act, which would formally leave marijuana regulation to the states instead of the federal government. That single piece of legislation – while far short of what many MJ activists want – would be a “quantum leap” forward, in the words of Cannabis Trade Federation CEO Neal Levine. 

Perhaps the foremost factor that could prove the dealmaker for marijuana reform in 2019 is the change in congressional makeup.
“A lot of the things that were stopping us in the past were chairmen in positions of power that just refused to engage at all,” said U.S. Rep. David Joyce, a Republican from Ohio.
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