In doing this product review on Two Bears Hemp pre-rolls, I must say I have many reservations and apprehensions on why the hemp / cannabis industry is moving towards Hemp pre-rolled smokes when it seems clearly, much of the world is moving away from this…And it’s a multi-verse world, all things seems to good for some! Who knew I’d find 13 tasty reasons hemp pre-rolls are worth the smoke… 

I’m hesitant because I gave up ‘cigarette smoking’ a while back and I then I realize, I do inhale smoke of MMj from time to time, so who am I fooling, smoke without chemicals has been going on since the beginning of time, it seems…so now, I’m good with this! I’m very curious about the difference in taste and feel, not only from herbalMMJ but from tobacco as well.  AND, mainly for research and feedback for you our inquisitive readers who’d like to know if these are good enough to give them a smoke. I’m sure, like everything, all brands are different – I’m trying Two Bears Farm, from Durango Colorado.

As I am tasting this delicious Hemp Flower with Lavender pre-roll smoke, here’s what I’m discovering and experiencing to my suprise.

  1. The pre-roll is tightly rolled like a 1 gram smokable joint with a non-filter cardboard tip.
  2. It lights easily and smokes with an even burn, very smooth.
  3. The taste of this one, Hemp Flower with Lavender is somewhat light, sweet and smooth, yet still strong enough to let me feel the inhale  – which most smokers desire!
  4. This burns very slowly, not going out right away so I can lay it down for a bit wile I’m writing, and when I pick it up, no worry about re-lighting constantly.
  5. Definitely taste better than an American Spirit AND I feel better about inhaling this – no chemicals at all – pure organic Two Bears Hemp!
  6. What’s most excellent is that these do not have the smell of cigs at all, from the burning chemicals. This is huge for those wanting the feeling of smoking but know cigarettes are so smelly and disruptive in today’s world, mainly because of all the chemicals they have. 
  7. Now that I’ve taken 4 or 5 puffs, I do feel kind of’a relaxed euphoria, not high or any feeling associated with MMJ smoking, however I do feel slightly different, in a good way.
  8. Shared this with my non-smoking friend, he appreciated first that it did not smell like MMJ or tobacco.  Next he noticed the slightly aroma test, coming from the Lavender in the one we’re sampling. Now, in 10 minutes he’s reporting a kind of euphoric, relaxed feeling – ‘comfortable’, he’s smiling.  He took three puffs and yes, he did inhale…lol
  9. Now I’m trying the plain 100% flower that I already smoked yesterday.  I must have smoked this same preroll at three separate times, and still only smoked a third of it. Relighting this feels just as smooth as when I first lit it. Not like smoking that harsh taste of a re-lit cig…I actually like the taste and feel of this, very natural.
  10. Shared this with my friend again, he’s a nutritionist who has never smoked tobacco and does not like it!  He has smoked MMJ, so there’s that. Again, he appreciated the fact of no chemical nasty smell of cigs around and felt this Hemp Smoke was smoother than MMJ. ‘interestingly’ he said, ‘this gave him a heightened state-of-well-being feeling’. Sweet!
  11. I’ve now left the non burning hemp smoke in the ashtray, left the room and came back – no disgusting smell from the ashtray.
  12. Did I mention these Hemp smokes, aka pre-rolls come packaged in a glass cylinder with a screw on cap. This is perfect because it’s labeled and easy to explain, this is not MMJ, if we must. Also, they’re perfect because you may end up puffing on the same smoke 4, 5, 6 times and this little carrying cylinder is locksolid with no order.  And when the cap comes off, I was very surprised to notice, as I tried to, there was little to no odor at all. 
  13. Something else has crossed my mind about this.  For those who are wanting to quit smoking cigarettes or cut down on smoking herb, MMJ, I would venture to say for me, these Hemp pre-rolls, aka smokes could be a great replacement.

As I mentioned who knew I’d find 13 tasty reasons hemp pre-rolls are worth the smoke… All in all I’m a fan and even look forward to smoking these very tasty Two Bears Hemp Smokes…

Benefits according to Two Bears The benefits are instant Cannabinoids and Terpenes to the body. Since we grow legal hemp, our delta 9 THC content is less than .03% . Their hemp flower was grown with care and organic nutrients and then slow cured to preserve the terpenes (which are a very high percentage at 4%). They are dried in a humidity controlled environment to ensure no mold growth. The plants are grown and cured similar to MJ.

The effects are reduction in inflammation and a possible shift in energy towards relaxation, though it could also be uplifting to some. 

Hemp Pre-Rolls

Available In The Following Strains

Cherry Blossom, T1 x Berry Blossom, Cherry Wine, Berry Blossom, Tokyo x Berry Blossom, PM x Berry Blossom, Tokyo x Abacus, T1 x Space Candy, and The Wife

COST – 1 gram – $5 to $10 Depending on Quantity


Founded by Marine Corp veteran, Sara Sheeler in Durango, CO, many of the 20 people on staff are also veterans or folks who deserved a hand up. In our 3rd year of production, Two Bears Hemp Farm has high standards in our conscious & organic practices to care for the hemp plants. By creating abundant, living soil, there’s no need for harsh chemicals. Established in 2017, we have recognized the trials and tribulations of the pioneers that farmed before us. We honor the plant through sacred practices and believe we have what it takes to make it to your doorstep. Our premium hemp is appreciated by people of all backgrounds.
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