Earth Power: Hemp Batteries Better Than Lithium And Graphene

Earth Power: Hemp Batteries Better Than Lithium And Graphene

Henry Ford’s Model T was famously made partly from hemp bioplastic and powered by hemp biofuel. Now, with battery-powered vehicles starting to replace those that use combustion engines, it has been found that hemp batteries perform eight times better than lithium-ion. Is there anything that this criminally-underused plant can’t do?

The comparison has only been proven on a very small scale. (You weren’t expecting a Silicon Valley conglomerate to do something genuinely groundbreaking were you? They mainly just commercialise stuff that’s been invented or at least funded by the state.) But the results are extremely promising.

The experiment was conducted by Robert Murray Smith – who has built up quite a following on his YouTube channel– of FWG Ltd in Kent. He observed a Volts by Amps curve of both the hemp and lithium batteries and found that the power underneath the hemp cell was a value of 31 while that of the lithium cell had a value of just 4. Although he does not claim to have proven anything, he said that the results of his experiment showed that the performance of the hemp cell is “significantly better” than the lithium cell.

It comes as no real surprise, which is presumably why he conducted the experiment. In 2014, scientists in the USfound that waste fibres – ‘shiv’ – from hemp crops can be transformed into “ultrafast” supercapacitors that are “better than graphene”. Graphene is a synthetic carbon material lighter than foil yet bulletproof, but it is prohibitively expensive to make. The hemp version isn’t just better, it costs one-thousandth of the price.

The scientists “cooked” leftover bast fibre – the inner bark of the plant that usually ends up in landfill – into carbon nanosheets in a process called hydrothermal synthesis. “People ask me: why hemp? I say, why not?” said Dr David Mitlin of Clarkson University, New York, in an interview with the BBC. “We’re making graphene-like materials for a thousandth of the price – and we’re doing it with waste.”

Dr Mitlin’s team recycled the fibres into supercapacitors, energy storage devices which are transforming the way electronics are powered. While conventional batteries store large reservoirs of energy and drip-feed it slowly, supercapacitors can rapidly discharge their entire load. 

This makes them ideal in machines that require sharp bursts of power. In electric cars, for example, supercapacitors are used for regenerative braking. Releasing this torrent requires electrodes with high surface area, one of graphene’s many phenomenal properties.

Mitlin says that “you can do really interesting things with bio-waste”. With banana peels, for example, “you can turn them into a dense block of carbon – we call it pseudo-graphite – and that’s great for sodium-ion batteries. But if you look at hemp fibre its structure is the opposite – it makes sheets with high surface area – and that’s very conducive to supercapacitors.”

Once the bark has been cooked, “you dissolve the lignin and the semicellulose, and it leaves these carbon nanosheets – a pseudo-graphene structure”. By fabricating these sheets into electrodes and adding an ionic liquid as the electrolyte, his team made supercapacitors which operate at a broad range of temperatures and a high energy density.

Mitlin’s peer-reviewed journal paper ranks the device “on par with or better than commercial graphene-based devices”.

“They work down to 0C and display some of the best power-energy combinations reported in the literature for any carbon,” he adds. “For example, at a very high power density of 20 kW/kg (kilowatt per kilo) and temperatures of 20, 60, and 100C, the energy densities are 19, 34, and 40 Wh/kg (watt-hours per kilo) respectively.” Fully assembled, their energy density is 12 Wh/kg – which can be achieved at a charge time less than six seconds.

At the end of 2018, Texas-based electric motorcycle company Alternet announced that it was working with Mitlin to power motorbikes for its ReVolt Electric Motorbikes subsidiary.

So there you have it. If we already knew that there is no need to use the fossil fuels that are destroying the planet’s climate, because hemp biofuel provides a better alternative, we now know that there is no need to destroy the environment by mining for lithium and the materials that are used in batteries. We can literally grow technology. Hemp can save and power the world.

This article was first published in The Quarter Leaf issue 1.

Cannabis Heals Skin Cancer in 3 Weeks

Cannabis Heals Skin Cancer in 3 Weeks



The dried leaves and other parts of the cannabis plant are called Marijuana. The dried leaves are usually vaporized, smoked, or even cooked to activate the psychoactive substance called cannabinoids. Activated Marijuana has psychoactive effects. Recreational Marijuana is known to impart a sense of relaxation and pleasure. Cannabinoids also have various therapeutic benefits. Because of these benefits, people have started to incorporate it into medication. Since then, the legalization of controlled CBD products, several mainstream retailers have begun selling CBD products. You can find CBD in the form of oil, water, and even edible items. The total sales of CBD products amounted to almost 2 billion dollars. Experts believe that Cannabis will be a 16 billion dollar business in 5 years.


There are different estimations for how the CBD industry will stand in the future, but all these estimates point towards success and growth. This industry has grown a lot in the recent past, and the rates of growth are more than expected. Some studies even predict that the cannabis market in the United States will reach 20 billion dollars by the year 2024. Some estimates say it will go up to 22 billion dollars. The CBD industry is maturing from just a sub-category into an entire independent sector. The growth of this market has been unbelievable throughout the past few years, and it is estimated that the market will achieve an annual growth rate of 49 percent when compounded by the year 2024.

CBD as a market has a lot of influence on other parallel markets such as pharmaceuticals,food, beverages, and so on. After the legalization, CBD products are sold in well-regulated dispensaries. In some cities, CBD products are even sold in smoke shops, grocery stores, etc. Best CBD companies around the world are focussing on generalizing recreational Marijuana. The market is slowly shifting from just regulated dispensaries to retail shops. After the relaxation of laws and the Farm bill that was passed, farmers are now free to grow hemp. Thus, there is more scope for the industry in the future. Industrial hemp will gain pace in the near future with promising agricultural communities and regulations between the farming and industrial aspects.


Regardless of the different levels of adjustment in government laws concerning hemp plant, the process of assembling and closeout of CBD items still stays in the haze. The Farm Bill makes sure that hemp ranchers are protected and gives a sheltered structure to their interstate transportation, protection, and budget administrations. This is in accordance with the Marijuana venture but doesn’t fix parameters associated with the sales of the product.

There are numerous CBD items used for topical purposes. These products are intended to be applied on the surface of the skin. It is legitimate to have these creams, balms, and even oils. Most of these products are made of hemp plants and not Cannabis. It has also been declared illegal to add CBD products in food items unless there is a specific prescription from a doctor. The laws behind the usage of CBD substances in edibles such as mixed drinks, chocolates, baked goods, and so on remain a gray area.

There have been regulations given out by the FDA, keeping in mind the various aspects of the CBD market. This market shifts towards certain assets and the answers are not in the clear yet. The council involves several legal counselors, medical experts, cultivators, producers of CBD goods, etc. Even though there are existing regulations to a great extent, the complete concept of legalizing Marijuana is still hazy.

Government authorities have not forced any guidelines but have shown interest in the investigation of CBD products. It has been predicted that we will reach the stage that will ensure the lawful consumption of Cannabis in the near future. The usage and manufacture of topical CBD products will increase because the FDA will not intervene with the topical products, and the framework is quite relaxed.


There is a lack of consistency in CBD products around the world due to various reasons. The first one being the inconsistent regulations. There are a number of stores that sell consumable CBD goods and topical ones. It is quite natural to find inconsistencies in these products across the country because of the difference in the regulations. Many people believe that the rules are in the proper place, ensuring the safety of the consumers.

Most producers of these products aim to create items of high-quality and are passionate about what they do. This has led to more awareness about these products, and people are walking towards the light in this case. The method followed by each cultivator and product maker is different from the other. This serves as the main reason behind the inconsistency. Complete transparency is required for a sensitive market like this one, and most producers aim at providing the same.


Recently, substantial retail enterprises such as Walgreens and CVS have started to sell CBD products in their stores. This is a good sign as it will create a positive ripple that will eventually help in normalizing the consumption of CBD items. Marijuana has been used for medicinal purposes, and the CBD medicinal industry is gaining pace with the relaxed regulations. The launch of Epidiolex, which is a medicine to treat chronic seizures, has CBD in it. There has been a rapid increase in the number of researches and studies on the medicinal properties of Cannabis and the byproducts. Some of the topical products derived from CBD are used in treating skin problems such as dermatitis, acne, and so on. All these factors amount to signs of growth and maturation of the industry.

By Harish Chandra

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Smokable hemp ban would begin in mid-2020 under NC Farm Act OK’d by Senate

Smokable hemp ban would begin in mid-2020 under NC Farm Act OK’d by Senate

How crazy is this…Law enforcement wants the ban because smokable hemp looks and smells like pot, making it difficult to differentiate. The bill says a ban could be repealed if tests to distinguish them get more reliable.

RALEIGH (AP) — North Carolina’s annual agriculture measure is nearing final legislative approval after being delayed for months by a debate over the future of smokable hemp.

The Senate voted 40-10 on Monday for a compromise to the 2019 Farm Act. Much of it describes the regulatory framework to expand the industrial and medicinal hemp industry. The House delayed its scheduled Monday vote.

The measure declares possession of smokable hemp illegal starting next June 1. Smokable hemp lacks the concentration of the compound that gives marijuana its high. Licensed hemp farmers could continue producing it for out-of-state sales.

Law enforcement wants the ban because smokable hemp looks and smells like pot, making it difficult to differentiate. The bill says a ban could be repealed if tests to distinguish them get more reliable.

In this photo taken Thursday, June 20, 2019, an employee holds smokable hemp flower at the Hemp Farmacy in Raleigh, N.C. A proposed ban on smokable hemp is making its way through North Carolina’s General Assembly after the product’s popularity surged in the six months since the passage of the federal Hemp Farming Act of 2018. (AP Photo/Gerry Broome)

Learn to Make HEMP Oil with Fresh Hemp Flower and Thrive…from AZURE FARMS

Learn to Make HEMP Oil with Fresh Hemp Flower and Thrive…from AZURE FARMS

*Available Now ~ Fresh Hemp Flower @ AZURE Organic Farms!

As most of us know by now, “good health can create wealth, however wealth cannot always create good health”  Learn to make Full Spectrum Hemp Oil with fresh Hemp flower and thrive…

It’s the high-minded person that thinks beyond the norm of society, one who thinks with gut and the heart.  Our gut and heart intelligence reminds us to be as natural as possible especially when choosing our health and healing modalities. 

Fresh Hemp being harvested by the bushel with Nathan Stelzer
and the 4 generations of the Stelzer Family, AZURE Organic Farms

We are all blessed at this time that Cannabis is back and now legal in all 50 states to heal the damage that has occurred from a starved endocannabinoid system. This has led to imbalances in our homeostasis and the potential for long term dysfunction.  

I think most of us know by now, we have an endocannabinoid system with receptors for cannabinoids. These receptors are connected to and feed our endocrine and immune system. When we nourish our we bring our bodies back to balance and wholeness. Over time, that’s just a fact. And we have to do our part!

Many of us are challenged to understand this new multi-million dollar CBD industry that has launched its way into our world. There are more CBD Brands than there are people to consume them. Which CBD brand and delivery system would be the best for me and which can I afford on a monthly basis? Am I really getting the most out of the cannabis plant with just one isolated ingredient, CBD?  

According to recent studies there are six common and well-researched cannabinoids—CBD, CBDA, CBN, CBG, CBC and CBDV—each with a specific application. 

If you’re new to the world of CBD, you might be confused and overwhelmed by the list of acronyms above. So, let’s start with a simpler question: what is a cannabinoid? First discovered in Israel in the 1960s, cannabinoids are naturally occurring chemical compounds derived from the cannabis plant. These compounds are responsible for the many positive therapeutic effects of cannabis, with each compound offering distinctive properties and benefits. To date, scientists have discovered more than 110 cannabinoids; more are likely to be found as we continue to explore the complex molecular structures of the cannabis plant.

With this in mind, some of us leading edge investigators are discovering that full spectrum cannabinoids may be the best and most effective way to ingest and deliver cannabinoids to our entire system. 

Michelle Stelzer cutting fresh organic hemp flower for Hempington Post!

How you ask?  Fresh grown cannabis, be it Hemp or MMJ provides full spectrum cannabinoids. Accordingly, whole plant juicing has emerged as the best delivery system available to nurture us back to homeostasis and a balanced immune system, thereby creating wellness on many levels. This is the purest and most cost effective way to self care and self heal our mind/body/spirit. This is priceless! 

Whole plant juicing is the way, beyond CBD. 

I received an anonymous email regarding an Organic Farm here in Northern Oregon that was beginning to harvest their first Organic Hemp Crop and were offering fresh Hemp flower to the public. It is a novel idea for a farmer to make the whole Cannabis Hemp plant available for consumers to juice or to make a simple oil extract that is rich with all the cannabinoids, not just CBD!   

Visiting the Azure Farms in Dufur Oregon Oct 27th was an amazing experience.  

Their grow operation is operated by four generations of the Stelzer family from grandparents through grandchildren, all cultivating a healthy eating lifestyle for the world. Azure farms is family owned and operated and independent 100% NON-GMO Organic farm.

As for the high minded Founder and CEO David Stelzer, his early challenges in life became his saving grace for the future. David feels he is truly in a position to make a huge difference in the world:  

Now, more than ever, people need to know that better nutrition can improve their lives and the lives of those around them.  If people were better nourished, healthcare (or should we say sick-care) costs would be diminished, crime and domestic violence would likely be curbed, and more people could enjoy a truly abundant life.  Azure provides a way for people to have access to that good food at affordable prices.’ comments Suzan Booth David’s executive assistant.

The Hemp operation at AZURE is amazing with 50ish acres of beautiful Hemp flower growing on their Non-GMO Organic farmland. 

With this being their very first Hemp Grow AZURE Farms is doing something very innovative for our world, they are offering to ship fresh whole plant hemp to your door anywhere in the world, while it lasts.  FYI the weather is beginning to chill so dry hemp flower will be availbe… 


For HempOil the plants are best dried after receiving, David has created an easy way to make a full spectrum Hemp Coconut Oil.  This can save all of us thousands of dollars over time for our health, and for our the health of our family and friends whom we can share this with. 

You can Contact AZURE FARMS today and purchase your fresh dried Hemp Flower straight from this Organic farm at $32 a lb, with a two lb minimum.  You can thank me after you’ve made your first Hemp Oil or have begun juicing whole plant for life… I’m clearly putting my whole-body stamp of approval on this.

Contact Azure Farms for Raw HEMP and Hemp Oil Recipe!

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No matter where you are in life, now is a good time to choose ‘listening to self and our body first’.  I promise feeding our endocannabinoid systems changes realities that could not be nourished any other way! 

Story by Darlene Mea

Edited by Andrew Levine