Taking Stock of Hemp a Decade After The Financial Crash

Taking Stock of Hemp a Decade After The Financial Crash

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In the “hemp world” currently there is a deafening roar of excitement around the medical uses of Cannabis. I have recently been bombarded with requests for advice about how to tack a hemp building plan onto a medical cannabis plan as a kind of after-thought.

The materials we obtain from the hemp plant can help us get back to basics but how about the basics of hemp? The original aspects of hemp are promoted as being able to provide great improvements to our environment, our quality of life and essentials such as food, clothing, and shelter.

As we pass the 10-year commemoration of the Great Crash of 2008, it is time to take stock of where we now find ourselves from a society and community perspective. Many media outlets have been reviewing the situation as we pass the decade mark since first Lehman Bros. and then the rest of the financial world very nearly completely collapsed. What is often forgotten is how we managed to avoid a complete disaster. Some people will remember terms such as “quantitive easing” or “debt restructuring” being bandied about at the time, and up until recently, you might be forgiven for thinking that these seeming solutions worked at least partly to fix things.

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I have two problems with this. First is that with the latest developments in plant breeding and regulations in Canada and the U.S., the focus has changed to growing flowers rather than biomass, resulting in either fields or glass houses full of individual plants. This does not help the small farmer or the environment, as was originally the aim of what I would recognize as the “hemp revival.” Secondly, as someone who has used primarily natural medicine all my life, it is approaching health from the wrong angle

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