Attention Hemp Farmers in Southern Nevada

700,000 young female plants of; 1ft tall 500,000 plants for $0.50 each, 250,000 plants 1.5ft tall for $0.75 each.
Other varieties and strains started are Cherry Wine and Bouquets (March 15th ish these will be 1ft tall).
Prices determine by volume  of purchase order and time frame
If you already are farming Hemp here is southern Nevada, you may need seedlings, small, medium or large plants and, if you have the timeline, you need seeds. 

Vegas Gardens has been cultivating organically grown hemp over the past few years.  They are a licensed regulated Hemp farm offering, at below market prices, beautiful 13.2% CBD female cloned crop to jump start your planting. These are available in all sizes and they will give you a rotating product that you can resell or continue to regrow for end use.  They only sell to licensed dealers or licensed farms in Nevada. The clones are organic and are certified.

Vegas Garden clones range in size from 8” to 3 ft tall. They have been greenhouse grown and expect to be a  healthy crop that is usable as oil or other marketable products for your end use.

We also offer seeds, which we sell by the pound at $1.00 per seed!

Shipping costs at buyer’s expense. Prices vary and start at $.50 per plant to $1.25 Become our agent or buy our clones inquire at

minimum orders of 2,700 clones.

Email us at

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