As our concern for climate change continues to escalate, the search for identifying renewable clean energy sources continues to astonish those of us in the hemp industry. Why is no one talking about the most obvious and life changing sustainable option that already exists and has been proven for its multi-versatile use, HEMP?

Listening to John Stuart this week talking about what strategies are in place to transition from the toxic fossil fuels, to plant based biofuels, there are none, and Hemp did not arise in his conversations. In fact it seems mainstream realities have no clue or, in the case of the media, they may not be able to bring any attention to the game changing qualities of hemp because mainstream media is bought and paid for by the petrochemical industrial complex. 

The question keeps coming back to why? Why are we avoiding the obvious? Here’s an article explaining the whys and why nots for Hemp as a sustainable solution for the transition out of biofuel. The question is, even if it took 5+ years and huge investment, wouldn’t it be worth it to act now?

As one area of focus in transitioning away from fossil fuels, biofuels appeared to have a promising future. Unlike corn or other biomass used for biofuels, Hemp biofuel has not reached its potential highs. What is Hemp biofuel, what is its potential, and why hasn’t it taken off yet?

Hemp’s versatility has always been among its major selling points. Humans have used hemp in innumerable ingenious ways throughout history for a vast array of purposes. Today, hemp seed oil is used to make hemp biodiesel fuel. In this article we’re going to explain what biofuels are, the promising future people envisioned for biofuels, and why hemp-based biofuels have not reached the promise of other biomass grown for biofuels.

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