Here it is the beginning of Fall 2018 and Hemp Industry is in full swing throughout our country and globally!  Hemp is changing the landscape of our world reality!  It’s exciting to see after my four short but very full years in this mega Hemp industry, the words that continue to ring true more than ever are Hemp is an emerging epic industry, Hemp is leading the way towards natural sustainability in industry, economics, environment, and wellness! Hemp is changing the landscape of our global reality, and Hemp is not going away!

Every day more & more movers & shakers around the world are discovering the multi-versatile benefits and uses of Hemp, Hemp, Hemp! Hemp oils, hemp fiber, super hemp foods and proteins, hemp clothing, hemp art, amazing hemp textiles, plastics, paper, graphite, 3D-printing and soon, Hemp bio-fuel which could completely alter the face of the petrochemical industrial complex. We are at the beginning of an epic emerging power packed time in history, and we all need to stay informed and engaged. We can only imagine how great this could be in the next 5 years or less! Yes, Hemp could be the new sustainable reality ‘if’ we pull together and free the plant, legalize Cannabis, and let our farmers grow for profit!

The challenges of our Federal Laws concerning the Cannabis Plant are still misleading, convoluted, controlling and damaging to all, to say the least. If you’re not familiar with the Hemp History, check out The Emperor Wears No Clothes with Jack Harare, As the saying goes, the truth will set you free after it blows your mind! This knowledge will also wake you up to what’s really going on here and help you understand why & how Hemp ended up as a Schedule1 drug, still today!

However, I did mention convoluted because Hemp is currently legal in all 50 states to eat, wear, consume as Hemp Oil/CBD and thousands of other uses, including building fire retardant housing. Currently the USA imports over a half billion dollars in Hemp products annually, but, our farmers still can’t grow in America without licensing the Ag dept (so they can study the plant) that’s been in use for 12,000 years of recorded history. It’s a stall tactic of course because hemp could also replace, paper, plastics, petrochemical, and pharmaceuticals… Now what? It’s time for we the people to wake up and declare our human rights for this plant and move forward the Hemp Industry, Hemp Production of Products, Hemp for Sustainability!

Currently and continuing on since 1937, our Federal Government has had a strong hold on keeping Hemp, a non-narcotic Cannabis plant, a Schedule 1 Drug, classified like heroin! This has gone on for over 80 years with the Petro-Chemical-Industrial-Complex running our show. However, we can see clearly as visionary & futurist ‘We the People’ are now making progress and it’s big!   May I remind you there’s power in numbers, and may I encourage you to become a part of this Game Changing Revolution – You can join us when subscribing at Your participation when signatures are needed to Pass these Bills into Laws is ultra important! Once you open the #Hemp door, you’ll be forever amazed! The future of Hemp/Cannabis is mind-blowing!

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Hemp can change our world reality@Hemp. I will be posting often, Hemp is my mission and I know it’s a game changer!

My MO – there is power in numbers so together we grow!

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Writen By Darlene Mea, CEO

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