Look what just arrived in our US Hemp Product Marketplace, Hemp Underwear from WAMA!  When I first heard about Hemp underwear, my initial thought was how soft could these be and would I have panty lines-because, who wants that?  Also, could Men love these too, we know how finicky they are? Well now I’ve learned, Hemp is healthier to wear than cotton, and men love the support of the briefs! Some even say it’s like not wearing underwear at all!

Let’s chat about this for a moment, who even thinks about their underwear being healthy?  I must say, I didn’t know, until I discovered how much it mattered.


Check out all these attributes of Hemp fabric.

Hemp fabric is naturally, anti-microbial, with anti-odor properties. Super comfortable, breathable and gets softer with every wash. Hemp is also organic therefore non-toxic. Hemp is the world’s most sustainable fabric, grown using no pesticides, herbicides or fungicides.  

WAMA’s Hemp Underwear fits perfectly on our skin, forms to our body.  As I washed them they became even softer. I love the way they feel because Hemps super breathable material increases the airflow helping reduce moisture quickly, keeping me super comfortable, naturally…I like!

I’m also am a proud undergarment wearer of Hemp Fabric, which actually is a great conversation piece.  Everyone wants to see them, lol, only kidding, just some of us like to show off. So the basics are perfect, great fit, no panty lines, soft and AND I am now wearing healthy underwear!  

Last, but not least, Hemp is the world’s strongest natural fiber making them last a super long time.


Use code “HEMPINGTONPOST5” for 5% discount!


Be sure and use the code or HempingtonPost will not get the credit!

Let us know how you like them!



Never Tried Hemp Underwear? WAMA makes it easy.  If for any reason you are not happy with your first pair of underwear, they will send you a new size, color or issue a refund, no questions asked, no returns needed!

Made from:53% organic hemp 44% organic cotton 3% spandex



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