Today Hempington Post does a live HEMP Product review. Darlene Mea and Tysha Tinney try Randy’s Hemp Remedy products and talk about a hemp water filter. They also made delicious smoothies with EVO hemp products.

@randys_hemp_remedy is a family owned business started after Randy Strause, their father/husband passed away from brain cancer. Their products are botanically complete containing naturally occurring cannabinoids from hemp. These are the products they wished they had when Randy was diagnosed.

Please follow them and to find out more go to

The hemp microfiber water filters were developed by Michael Crippen of foundation for industrial hemp production and research (FIHPR). As a non-profit, FIHPR’s goal is to provide filters at no-cost to in-need communities and to help modernize aging and developing infrastructure around the world.  To help support and purchase one of these filters go to
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