We all can agree, growing hemp for paper in 12 to 16 weeks is much greater for our environment than growing trees for years and cutting them down for the same reason, paper products.  Hemp can not only augment the paper industry, it can be well on it’s way to replacing the tree paper industry. 

Whether you need product packaging, business cards, posters for an event, product brochures, or you have an idea for print media you need help bringing to fruition, Hemp Press can make your brand look good and reflect your business’ value. So then, why choose cutting down our forest trees when we can choose Hemp for all our paper products?

As for me, of course, I live by all things hemp!  I believe in choosing life sustaining products over all others.  How about the cost we think? For a few dollars more, (which will never really break our pocket book) we give our participation to the greatest sustainable evolution of our time.  We know that we are doing our part in choosing the sustainable values for our planet which is well worth our small additional investment.

Printed on all natural white Hemp paper – I love the natural texture

Here’s a few vital reasons why Hemp Paper Vs Tree Paper

The Library of Congress found that, “While the hemp paper in volumes 300-400 years old is still strong, 97% of the books, printed between 1900 and 1937 on tree paper, will be useable for less than 50 years.” Hemp paper can be recycled 7 to 8 times, compared with only 3 times for wood pulp paper.

The USDA reported in 1916 that an acre of hemp produced as much paper as four acres of trees annually , yet 70% of American forest have been destroyed since 1916.  Read more here https://hempfrontiers.com/hemp-paper-vs-tree-paper/

In the United States alone, paper companies consume over one billion trees each year and convert it to pulp to make paper. It takes that many trees to provide an average of 735 pounds of paper for each and every person. That number is expected to rise approximately 60% by the year 2050. The United States uses up about 32 % of the world’s paper. In the US, only about 5 % of our once vast virgin forest remain. We are using up our trees faster than we are growing new ones. At that rate, we have to import more trees from other parts of the world forest just to meet the demand.

Read more https://soapboxie.com/social-issues/Hemp-VS-Trees-One-Billion-Reasons-To-Use-Hemp-Instead

HEMP PRESS Printing says, ‘Why package your sustainably grown, ethically produced product in a paper box made from farmed trees that were grown on land that isn’t able to support that kind of agriculture?’

Why print our marketing material, such as business cards, posters, and flyers on paper produced in China when you could promote your brand and values with sustainably grown, American hemp?

In 2012 the founder of Hemp Press, Matthew Glyer, asked that same question. The search for sustainable paper stock to print labels for his beeswax candle company led him to a very special paper made of hemp fiber.

Then he wondered…“What else could I print on hemp paper?” And Hemp Press was born.

We at HempingtonPost we are super delighted to have discovered Hemp*Press – So we reached out for a product review in which I, the CEO had the opportunity to have my new cards printed on Hemp Paper.  We begin with looking at these three things, Quality of Product, Quality of Customer Service and Quality of Fair Pricing.  

Hemp Press has all of this and ordering was easy, fast and I recieved my new cards in about a week’s turnaround.  I love them – I choose the natural background so we can see it’s printed on hemp paper – I’m super proud to be a part in making our world green and sustainable again.

The pricing varies and Hemp paper is a bit more pricey than tree paper, again, in the long run, over time when it’s amortized out, as I always do when quantifying any product or service, if my extra pennies a day can create a  greater impact on our life and our environment then I’m all in. Someday Hemp can be the paper we’re all choosing and using. It’s important to step up to this all natural table of life now, if we can. We can help make our world a more sustainable place to live which would make this priceless!

The staff, I worked with Gared is super easy and helpful to work with – Give them a call and get a quote on business cards or other hemp packaging.  Keep in mind they do have their own design team if this is also a part of your needs. 

It’s time we make our choices not only work for us but also work well for our world.

Give them a call, get a quote, ameritize it out, including the priceless effects we make when we choose for the good of all life.

PrintonHemp.com – At Hemp Press we believe that The Future of Paper is Rooted in Fields, Not Forests.™   

Website: https://printedonhemp.com/
Email: sales@printedonhemp.com
Phone: 541-357-7513

This has been our Trusted Hemp Product Review


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When choosing life, choose hemp, together we’ll grow a more sustainable world!

With warm regards – Darlene Mea – CEO/Founder

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