Greeting, hola and aloha, welcome to the world of all things, Hemp!

Who the ‘HEMP’ are WE?

We are passionate about what’s possible…

HempingtonPost is created to be a leading edge portal for those seeking the truth, justice and a life of complete human-rights. We are here to assist in recreating a healthy life-experience of wellness, sustainability and economics while embracing the world of Hemp/Cannabis and all it can provide for our lives.

As you may know, the Hemp industry is evolving to a new epic paradigm which will enrich our world for generations to come! We, at HempingtonPost are here to investigate, present, promote and propel all things for the growth and development of this Hemp Industry. 

Our primary focus is to research & disseminate trusted Hemp News, Views & Education. We have excellent media relationships, nationally & internationally, with some of the top Hemp Organizations in the world. We report and commentate on what’s happening in the world of Hemp, as we get it.  From Hemp’s history, watch this,  to the what’s happening now with major events, political actions to take, Bills being passed, events to attend and support for those Hemp Products leading the way in America. The Hemp world is emerging like a sleeping giant waking up…As we look forward to our future, Hemp’s looking super bright!

Questions? What is Hemp if it’s not its cousin, Marijuana?  What Hemp products are now available to us in the US, what trusted Hemp products are made in America? What hemp products are available globally? The list is endless. Where are the investments opportunities? What are the benefits of Hemp? They are vast and deep, from Superfoods to CBD, Hemp Oil, Clothing, Textiles, Building Materials, Graphite, Automotive, Bio-Fuel, Animal Feed, Wellness & Bedding to name a few.  Who in the world is working with and making major discoveries with Hemp? You will be astonished to learn what’s happening nationally and globally.

For many of you, Hemp is a whole new world. Welcome! For others, this is a long path we’ve been on, knowing and keeping our sights set on the bigger game while not walking away. Now, finally, Hemp is happening! Merry Merry and Amazing Grace!

Hemp’s future is game-changing!

If ever a time to jump into a movement that can (and is) IMPACTING OUR WORLD, this is that time! Our time on this planet is invaluable and limited… I feel deeply that each of us has something to contribute… HEMP can change our world with new economics and environmental sustainability. Hemp may be the industry that calls on you. You never know until you become open to new possibilities and opportunities! 

We are either a part of the Problem or part of the Solution!

It’s more fulfilling to be a part of the solution. Standing on the sidelines talking about what isn’s working, doesn’t work. We are looking for Game Changers in this industry, there’s opportunities everywhere and a hell of a lot to do if we want to create a greater more sustainable world for our generations to come!  

In closing we’d like to say, we live in very unstable times and it’s been a heck of a transformational year, next year is not going to slow down, it’s Game ON… So, We wish you the warmest of heart-filled holidaze, be grateful for all that is right now and the possibilities we can bring to our future tomorrows! 

BTW – Do you know we have an endocannabinoid system? Right, check it out, who knew?  Cannabinoids feed Cannabinoid receptors and are shown to balance our endocrine/immune system?  Shouldn’t we have known this…?  This is our body, our life, wtw?

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With Warm Regards, May the Source Be With Us – Darlene Mea & the HempingtonPost team

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